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Welcome To August 9 Pictures


Kicking off in 2014 with style, A9P is proud to present its first feature film:

KAMIKAZE BITCH FROM HELL starring Vivian Jamison (The Last Light, Onus), director George Clarke (The Knackery) and award winning actor Robert Render (The Last Light, Onus) with a return by fan favourite, Alan M. Crawford (Battle Of The Bone, The Knackery).

Campy, 80's grindhouse action awaits as Angel, Carlos and Crackshot take on a band of ruthless gangsters in a tale of revenge which involves a trip to purgatory, flashbacks, over the top action and bad continuity!

Production begins in the summer of 2014.

 (Please note, KBFH originally started as a Yellow Fever Production, but is now the feature set to launch A9P)