Award Winning Feature Films - Est. 2007

The hottest independent film studio in Northern Ireland

SEPT 2007 - Yellow Fever Productions LTD is born with its debut project, BOTB.

JULY 2008 - BOTB opens with the biggest film premiere ever in NI with 450 walking the yellow carpet as the director and team arrive by Delorean, complete with live music and more at Storm Cinema, Odyssey, Belfast. The film went on to run for 2 weeks against the summer blockbusters.

OCT 2008 - BOTB screens at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando winning Audience Choice Award and a whole new audience across the water. It's UK/Irish DVD release followed upon return launching in Belfast's HMV store with a cast an crew signing for its fans and stars.

JULY 2009 - The second feature THE KNACKERY is shot, edited and completed in just 4 weeks for around £100.

AUG 2009 - The first Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival launches at the Stormont Hotel with special guest, HK producer Mike Leeder and film makers from all over the world attending.

OCT 2009 - THE KNACKERY screens at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando to great applause.

JAN 2010 - THE KNACKERY runs for a week at the Movie House Cinema, Dublin Road and becomes, by percentage, the most profitable local film ever made in NI.

MAR 2010 - THE KNACKERY comes out on DVD with a cast and crew signing at Belfast's HMV store.

MAY 2010 - Alan Crawford begins production on his directorial debut, THE TRUTH ABOUT TOM, DICK & HARRY.

SEPT 2010 - The second YFIFF runs at the Stormont Hotel testing YellowCon along the way with gamers.

FEB 2011 - Production begins on George Clarke's third feature, THE LAST LIGHT shot in a real haunted house over 12 days for just £200. This was written especially for star Robert Render to help launch him into films with a main role.

SEPT 2011 - The third YFIFF moves to the Black Box in Belfast City Centre and premieres THE LAST LIGHT.

OCT 2011 - THE LAST LIGHT screens at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando and picks up Best Actor award for its star Robert Render.

JAN 2012 - Production begins on SPLASH AREA with a lengthy shoot and challenging conditions.

JUNE 2012 - Director George Clarke flies stars Robert Render and Anthony Boyle to Norway for a week to shoot new film, ONUS (Chapter 1) with no script, no budget and just  days of shooting time.

SEPT 2012 - The fourth YFIFF is graced with the presence of Mike Leeder once again, and Hollywood director Albert Pyun and producer Cynthia Curnan. Film makers from all over attend, and a packed house sees in the premiere of the latest feature SPLASH AREA to amazing reviews.

OCT 2012 - SPLASH AREA screens at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando winning the Jury's Choice Award and Best SFX award. The film was up against some Hollywood pictures and held its own against them.

JUNE 2013 - A week of production begins on ONUS (Chapter 2) completing the feature and delivering an arthouse thriller with amazing performances from all.

SEPT 2013 - The fifth YFIFF kicks off at its new home, the Movie House Cinema Dublin Road to great effect, with a host of amazing films from all over the globe, the very successful premiere of ONUS, and beautiful closing event at the Holiday Inn next door - the Gala Dinner Award Ceremony.

NOV 2013 - THE LAST LIGHT: AN IRISH GHOST STORY gets its US release via Eagle One Media. Available now!

DEC 2013 - SPLASH AREA: NIGHT OF THE FREAKS is released in over 25 countries via ITunes and Eagle One Media. Available now!

MAR 2014 - Teaser shot and completed for ZOMBIE SCHOOLGIRLS, ATTACK!!

APR 2014 - ONUS plays as Official Selection at the Belfast Film Festival, and nominated for Best Feature at the Silver Springs International Film Festival in Florida.

AUG 2014 - Yellow Fever CEO George Clarke marries partner and producer Kenny Martin.

OCT 2014 - Production begins on THE BLOOD HARVEST with Robert Render, Alan Crawford and new cast.

JULY 2015 - THE BLOOD HARVEST and ONUS get picked up for UK & Irish release by Left Films.

OCT 2015 - The world premiere of THE BLOOD HARVEST takes place at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando where it wins Best SFX and Best Actor for Robert Render.

OCT 2015 - The 6th YFIFF runs to great success with a host of film makers from around the world and a weekend of dedication to the wonderful Albert Pyun.

JAN 2016 - THE BLOOD HARVEST gets released across the UK & Ireland on DVD & VOD in major stores.

Yellow Fever Productions has a solid set of dedicated crew who give everything to the cause - to get talented film makers out there doing what they do best - creating visual eye-candy for the rest of us to appreciate, debate, discuss and enjoy!

Based on experiences from their own journeys, George and his team have no secrets in their success, and are always open for a friendly chat or to offer advice about the industry in which they work, live and breathe! Feel free to give them an email  via the contact section, if you have any questions or thoughts on getting into the film world.

Live the dream, spread the fever!!